Why Am I Natural???

No one ever questions the relaxer but once you’re natural, returning natural, or thinking about returning to the kinks everybody wants to know WHY? See in the midst of all the likeness, known as a relaxer, the kinks prevail! Most if not everyone notices natural hair simply because it seems to go in the opposite to what society has deemed as the ‘norm’.

I’ve been asked this question so many times and it makes me feel good to know that for every ‘why are you natural?’ that I get there are at least three ‘your hair is beautiful’ shooting right behind.

I’m natural because I love it. Yes! Its that simple. I feel extremely comfortable with my natural kinks and I am in love with the texture of my hair. I’ve heard so many relaxed women say that they don’t have the guts to return natural, they don’t think that it will fit their face, its not the right time to go natural or they just can’t give up the lye, and the list of excuses go on. Hmmm. I’m not hitting my relaxed sisters out there because once upon a time I was a relaxed chica but I made the best decision ‘for me’ to lay the lye to rest.

How can you say that natural hair, the hair you were born with on your head, won’t fit your face? That’s like telling God “You didn’t make me beautiful enough and You didn’t know what You were doing when You made me with kinky hair”. Hmmm… Remember we were made fearfully and wonderfully after His image and likeness. So appreciate the hair you were born with. I’m natural because it’s my birth right.

The only style that a natural girl can wear is a puff and that is so unprofessional 😮 Whaaaattttttttt??????????
Where did you get that nonsense from? I love the versatility of natural hair. I can go from curly to straight and back to curly just by using a blow dryer, a flat iron and then some shampoo. I’m natural because my hair is versatile and I don’t need a relaxer to get straight hair.

I love standing out in the crowd. When everyone else is wearing their hair straight, I love to be the chica in the middle with a kinky updo. Who says natural hair is not classy??? You may want to rethink that statement. Some of the classiest hair styles I’ve seen were done on natural hair. Don’t believe me, check youtube! I’m natural because natural hair is classy.

So you ask why I’m natural? Well there you have it! I’m natural because it’s beautiful.

Why aren’t you natural???


10 thoughts on “Why Am I Natural???

  1. Love this post. When I first transitioned I dealt with a lot of negativity on my decision to give up the relaxer including comments that my hair was too kinky and that natural hair is unprofessional. This is my second time going natural and all I can say is that I LOVE my kinks and curls. The volume is off the hook and I love the versatility of being able to go from curly to straight and back. This time there’ll be no looking back to the lye 🙂

  2. Renee sometimes we just have to brush off the negativity and push forward. Good for you! Hoping to see pics soon. I kept my end of the bargin. Your turn. LoL!

    Tarsha, thanks ma! I’m trying my best!

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