Sealing The Moisture!

Keeping your hair moisturized is quintessential to maintaining elasticity, preventing breakage, and most importantly helping to keep your hair looking and feeling soft. Water is the BEST moisturizer for our hair and as such water-based moisturizers provide the greatest benefit.

So what is sealing the moisture?
This simply means locking moisture (water) in your hair using an oil or oil based product of your choice. Our hair is naturally porous and this makes it very difficult to retain moisture in our tresses. It is very important to moisturize and seal in the moisture in order to prevent breakage. Remember, oil is not a moisturizer. It is a sealant.

How do you describe moisturized hair?
Hair that is not moisturized is crackling to the touch. When dry hair rub against each other it tends to make a rough sound and feels brittle. Moisturized hair on the other hand is quiet. When scrunched together it doesn’t make a sound, it has a soft touch and it is not wet.

How to moisturize and seal it in.
1. Wet or dampen your hair. If there is no water there is no moisture.
2. Apply your favorite water based leave in conditioner.
3. Use a coat of your favorite oil or butter to seal in the water and leave-in.
4. Style as normal.

1.  Use oils and butters that are thick, example, castor oil or Shea butter. This will help
to lock in the moisture for longer periods.
2.  Wring excess water from hair if it is soaking wet. That way when you apply your oil
based sealant it won’t slip off your hair strands.
3.  Apply a little extra oil to your ends since they are the oldest part of the hair and
need more hydration.
4.  Placing your ends in a protective format such as a braid or twist can really keep
your ends together and reap more of the advantages of moisture once they have
dried. So tuck those ends away or just keep them from friction on your shoulders.
5.  Avoid manipulating your hair until its completely dried. This means higher chances
of your ends retaining moisture longer.
6. Listen to your hair. While some people only need to moisturize and seal once or
twice a week, others may need to do it everyday.
7. Sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase and/or use a satin or silk hair bonnet while you
get you beauty rest. Cotton tends to draw the moisture from your hair leaving it dry
and brittle.

I hope I’ve helped in some way! If you have any questions about sealing or locking moisture in your hair leave them below and I’ll try to answer them the best I can.

Hair that is moisturized!


4 thoughts on “Sealing The Moisture!

  1. Thank you for this post on keeping hair moisturized! The dry, crackling hair has been one of my biggest issues since I’ve embraced my natural hair. Talk about pressure! I’ll definitely incorporate these tips into my regimen. One question though. If the oil/ butter seals the moisture in the strand, would this act as a barrier when moisturizing/ sealing on subsequent days?

    • Your welcome Renee. From what I understand, our hair releases moistures everyday as it is exposed to the elements of the sun, wind, etc, especially if the hair is not tucked away in a protective style. You have to listen to your hair, sort of being like a hair whisperer, and let it tell you when to moisturize. That way on subsequent days the hair will be ready to receive more moisture and be sealed the same way. Some people may only need to moisturize once a week others may need to do it a bit more frequent. Listen to your hair!

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