Hairstyle | High Bun |

High buns are a fun, trendy, customizable and super easy hairstyle that can either be messy or sleek depending on your mood.

The high bun in the picture collage below was achieved using an old twist out, a brush, goody ouchless hair elastic and bobby pins.

Steps to achieve this high bun.

Step 1 ~ On dry hair (freshly washed or old twist out) gather all the hair by brushing it to the top of your head or as high as you want and secure with elastic.


Double a large ouchless elastic around your base and crown of your head and slide the elastic up to the crown of your head into desired position.

Step 2 ~ Divide the hair from your ponytail into three or four sections and individually wrap around the base and secure with bobby pins. Please ensure that the pins are well hidden.

Step 3~ Brush up any stray aways you may have with a gel of choice. If your’re going for a messy look like I was you can brush the stray aways without using gel.

To make the bun more interesting you could add a flower, head band, hair jewels or any other accessory of choice.


4 thoughts on “Hairstyle | High Bun |

  1. So waiting for my hair to get longer so that I can try styles like the ones you rock in these posts! Loving the earrings too 🙂

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