Why I “Went” Natural | Part 2 ~ The Transition, The Big Chop and Ever After

The Transition

I transitioned without even knowing that that’s what it was called. After I made the decision not to relax my hair any more I started to think about how I was going to take care of my hair. Then I got a bright idea. I thought to myself, “YouTube has lots of videos, I wonder if there are any natural hair videos on there”. So I typed in ‘natural hair’ in the search box and boy to my surprise there were so many beautiful women making DIY natural hair videos. I was overwhelmed by all the videos and one of the first links that I clicked on was ‘RusticBeauty’ (http://www.youtube.com/user/RusticBeauty). I was so intrigued by her hair that I sat the entire day and watched all her videos. I was in love and I had a new hair crush.

I also met ladies like Black Onyxx 77, BeautifulBrwnBabyDol, Curly Chronicles, MahoganyCurls, ShidaNatural, CoilsKinksCurls, KinkyKurlyQueen, Prettydimples101 and then the infamous Kimmaytube. These ladies were the first set of people I watched on YouTube and took hair advice from. Ladies thank you for doing what you do. You’ve helped me so much along the way. There were many others that I watched as time progressed and as I was looking for diversity.

My transition process did not last very long. BOIIIIII….the two textures were killing me and I was often frustrated with my hair. (Cudos to the people who transition for months and even years.) My transition only lasted for 3 months. I COULD NOT DO IT. See that line of demarcation? Yea, that one. That’s the enemy line. My roots and the relaxer were not having it. It was a constant battle. My ROOTS won 😀

My Second Big Chop

In August 2009, I had come home from uni for the remainder of my summer break after doing summer school and I fell ill the second week I was home. My hair was braided in single extensions but whatever products I had in my hair at the time, when I would sweat and the two would combined it produced an awful scent (and my smelling sense was very enhanced when I was ill) and it drove me crazy. On August 22nd, I cut the braids from my hair then drove myself to the barber for a shape up.

Nobody noticed my hair was cut because I had a scarf on my head. When I revealed my head, my ex had not noticed that my hair was cut until the following day. When he saw it he was speechless. My mom and dad already knew that I could get drastic with my hair so they were not surprised. My friends on the other hand could not believe that I had done it again. And when Thea saw me for the first time on Swan Street in Barbados she stood with her hands on her hips, eyes wide open, mouth gaped and manage to exclaim “SIR” in her bestest Madea voice. We still laugh about it from to time. Nevertheless, I-felt-guuuuud! 😀

And the Journey Continues

This week will make three years or 36 months post relaxer and I’m loving every moment of it. I’ve had my battle with split end, splitting ends, fairy knots and the biggest battle of all DRYNESS.  As a result, I’ve cut about 5-6 inches off in total trying to get it right. I guess the best learning process of all is trial and error. And I’m learning something new everyday about natural hair. But I can honestly say that I love my thin, puffy, kinky, curly, natural hair. If I could do this all over again and choose a state for my hair to be in I would chose to be Natural. Why? Because I Love It and I won’t have it any other way!


7 thoughts on “Why I “Went” Natural | Part 2 ~ The Transition, The Big Chop and Ever After

  1. So i finally decided I was gonna do the BC this weekend..Did my youtube research and i Even had in mind what I wanted it to look like….. SOOOOOO i sent My BFFFFF a pic and asked her if she thinks it would fit my face……Her reply “TARL!!! no no no” *Sad Face*

    • You have got to be kidding me Shanika. That was ur first mistake asking someone else’s opinion. SMH. When the confidence comes just go with the flow. So tell me ur plan! Am sure ur gonna look fine.

  2. i currently have in the natural twists braids but i tired of them.. and they are pulling at my scalp so i was planning to remove them and just trim off the relaxed hair. It will be pretty short since i only have about three months of growth but I was just planning to get a mark out, maybe fade out the back a little and leave it to grow naturally.

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