($29.95 +Tax) 30 Years and Counting

I know this post is lonnnnnggggg overdue. It’s been in my drafts for nearly two months now. Life happened all at once. That’s my only explanation for staying away for so long. Sorry guys! I missed you too.  N e hoooooo…..let’s get to the details of this post.

28th July 2012 finally arrived and I was totally excited and hyped! I’ve never really celebrated my birthday in grand style so I was very curious to see how the day was gonna turn out.

I was mad tired from the work week so when I got home on Friday night I managed to shower, wash my hair and crashed in my bed all by 9pm.

I was awaken with the first of the birthday calls smack down midnight but I was too groggy to hold a convo, so I thanked the person and went right back to bed. Then more calls, text msgs, BBM msgs, and of course FaceBook alerts all came in one after the other. I had to turn the alerts off my phone just so I could continue to rest. But I must admit that the feeling I got inside was just so warm and fuzzy.

I got ready to go to church but never got there. I was so mad that I didn’t get my Birthday Blessing at church. I had an issue with my transport and by the time that a ride would’ve picked me up I would be hearing the Benediction when I arrive. So I just didn’t bother. I undressed and got some more needed rest.

Sometime during the afternoon I collected my fabulous cake made by Ms. Beverly Charles of A La Bev’s Cakes. This two tiered yummylicious cake were both three layers each. The top tier was 6 inch vanilla cake with pina-colada filling. The bottom tier was 9 inch red velvet cake with white chocolate/vanilla cream filling. I am so totally in love with my cake and it tasted just as great as it looked. I’m definitely recommending her. Service was great as well and she kept in touch!

As you can tell by now, the theme of my dinner was leopard print and red. I am totally in love with this animal print. And everything was so well and coordinated including the restaurant decor.

The only disappointing moments were the two individuals who couldn’t make it and the food. For the most part I didn’t enjoy my meal as did 3/4 of the group. The great company made up for that.

While at the table I had everyone introduce themselves, say how long they’ve known me, how we met and one short interesting story. I must say that I laughed until tears were running down my cheeks and messing up my well done make up.

Toy’s story was the best. She let everyone know that we met 21 years ago playing mud pies under her house and when my mother would send me to the shop I would always make a detour to her residence. When mommy finally called T’s house to find out if I was there I was in the background telling T to tell her no. An no is what she told my mom. I couldn’t ask for a better friend. My ride or die chick for life. She had my back then and she has it now.

The night ended with a lil bit of dancing down by the hotel bar. I danced until my feet hurt. Then when I finally reach exhaustion I called it a night. And the dons and diva’s made their way home.

So let’s talk attire.

The fabulous Leopard dress that I’m wearing was bought at a store in the Heritage Quay called Cataleya (I hope I spelled that correctly). The shoes were purchased at Logos at the bottom of Redcliffe Street. My accessories are from Lady Koutour in the Vendors Mall. Clutch is from Elegant Steps (purchased years ago). Hair and makeup by yours truly! My hair was in a style that I love dearly – High Pony with Cinnabuns!

It was a great night and I was fortunate enough to spend it with the ones dearest to me. Guys thank you for making my birthday spectacular. According to my good friend UKM I’m now officially $29.95 + Tax :D.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to rate, comment, subscribe and tell your friends about my site. Always a pleasure, never a chore!

Peace out ya’ll!


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