2013 Hair Goals

2013 Hair Goals

For 2013, I’ve decided that hair goal setting will be done the SMART way (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound). This not only keep hair goals on track but will make the final analysis much easier. Sometimes we tend to set very abstract or vague goals and then don’t get expected results. SMART goals produce results, good or bad (which can always be altered). If you can’t measure it then you can’t manage it. This does not apply only to hair but to any aspect of your life.

So with that said here is a list of my 2013 Hair Goals

1.  Photolog my monthly progress

Every month and in between, I will take photos of my hair with certain styles and in certain positions in order to make a reasonable comparison.

2. Grow hair 6 inches

Hair grows an average of 1/2 inch per month. My aim is to meet or exceed that growth rate by incorporating a healthy diet, exercise, drinking adequate amounts of water each day and by taking hair vitamins. Growing hair is one thing. Retaining length is another thing which brings me to my next goal.

SMART-Goals3. Protective Styling

One way of fulfilling goal # 2 is by doing more protective styling and by ensuring that those ends are tucked away. We’ll see how this works out because I love to wear my hair our mainly because I don’t like any tension whatsoever in my scalp. This means that I will have to experiment more with hair styling. I’ll probably be plaiting or braiding my hair more for lower manipulation. This should be fun.

4. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize & more Moisturize

And by moisturizing I mean, more deep conditioning, using more cream based conditioners, spritzing more water and sealing it all in with an oil or butter of choice. This should happen about four times per week.

What are some of your hair goals for 2013?


6 thoughts on “2013 Hair Goals

  1. Nikki I was very neglectful with my hair goals last year. In all honesty I didn’t measure my hair to find out the exact growth. *Hides Face*. However, I’ll try to follow last year hair goals this year 😀
    I took pictures so I’ll form a collage and maybe we can judge from there.

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