Bantu Knots – The Days After

You guys remember my bantu knot post right. Well as lovely as the curls came out, they only lasted 1 good day but I stretched it to 2 days. The third day hair didn’t count. Didn’t leave the house. LoL.

My hair doesn’t like heat and it doesn’t retain curls well. If anybody has any suggestions as to how to make my heat pressed hair & heat curls last longer please feel free to share.

I left the house for work with luscious bantu curls. Those waves made me wanna swim in the ocean. By end of day I looked as though I’d been rolling and tumbling in the backyard with my dogs all day. Yep. A hot mess.

Batu Knots One Day

Proof that my hair doesn’t retain curls well. What a bantu travesty. Smh.

Bantu Knot secret...shhh


Anyhoo, I carried on to day 2 with the do. My hair lost majority of its voluptuousity but never mind that I just swooped it the side and rocked those loose curls anyway cause I’m fierce like that. Yea…leopard fierce like that. Rrrrrrrrggghhhhhrrrrr. However that’s spelt. Hahaha!

Bantu Knots Day 2

Day 3 was a joke. It was so bad I had to hat it up. Good thing I didn’t wasn’t going any where.

Bantu Knot Day 3

Can you tell my hair was heat damaged? I’ll save it for another post!

So tell me. Do your curls last you more than a day or am I rowing that boat alone?


10 thoughts on “Bantu Knots – The Days After

  1. Oh WOW!!!! I cant believe ur curls basically died before the end if the day. That’s just crazzzzy. Perhaps you need to use some kind of holding product when doing the bantu knots?
    Sorry but I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the photos hehe
    I hope u do find a way to hold the curls because they are so lovely. Good luck!

    • Lol…girl ut was a mess. But thanks for the compliment and the tip. I’ll keep that in mind next time. I don’t know when that’s going to be though. My hair suffered badly. It looks like my hair is texturized now. SMH!!!

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    • LoL. Ms Aftikan Butterfly, Thank You. My hair reminds me of a cake freshly baked. Looks good on the outside but then it just drops because you let the air in the oven before it was properly set. Hahaha. N e hoo, I’d have to think long and hard about 1) putting heat in my hair again anytime soon and 2) which holding product to use if any at all.

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