Extra Extra! I Have Been Featured in Black Zulu’s Kinky Trsses Feature Post Today

ExTra Extra

Hey Curlies,

I have been featured as per subject line. You can read the interview here http://wp.me/p3M4mz-dz. where I share my hair story and much more.

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Bantu Knots – The Days After

You guys remember my bantu knot post right. Well as lovely as the curls came out, they only lasted 1 good day but I stretched it to 2 days. The third day hair didn’t count. Didn’t leave the house. LoL.

My hair doesn’t like heat and it doesn’t retain curls well. If anybody has any suggestions as to how to make my heat pressed hair & heat curls last longer please feel free to share.

I left the house for work with luscious bantu curls. Those waves made me wanna swim in the ocean. By end of day I looked as though I’d been rolling and tumbling in the backyard with my dogs all day. Yep. A hot mess.

Batu Knots One Day

Proof that my hair doesn’t retain curls well. What a bantu travesty. Smh.

Bantu Knot secret...shhh


Anyhoo, I carried on to day 2 with the do. My hair lost majority of its voluptuousity but never mind that I just swooped it the side and rocked those loose curls anyway cause I’m fierce like that. Yea…leopard fierce like that. Rrrrrrrrggghhhhhrrrrr. However that’s spelt. Hahaha!

Bantu Knots Day 2

Day 3 was a joke. It was so bad I had to hat it up. Good thing I didn’t wasn’t going any where.

Bantu Knot Day 3

Can you tell my hair was heat damaged? I’ll save it for another post!

So tell me. Do your curls last you more than a day or am I rowing that boat alone?

Bantu Knot Out on Flat Ironed Hair

Hi there! I decided to Bantu Knot may hair on Jan 2nd after I flat ironed it on Jan 1st. I wore my hair straight the first day then knotted it up on the second day.

I’ve tried this style before on my curly hair and it was a total flop. So when I flat ironed my hair I knew immediately that I wanted to try Bantu Knots again. This time I just knew it would be a total success.

Before I actually did the bantu knots, I flat ironed my hair once more on low heat. This was to ensure that I got silky curls. And silky curls I got. Yay Meee!!!

Here’s a short video of the process and the results followed by a few still shots.

Tell me what you think below in the comments. Have you ever tried this style? Would you? It certainly would be a cute valentine’s day updo.

Big Hair Don't Care

Bantu Knot Out2

Bantu Knot Out3

Bantu Knot Out 6 Bantu Collage2 Bantu Knot Out 5

Blow Dried and Flat Ironed Hair

On January 1, 2014, I washed blow dried and flat ironed my hair. This was indeed a lengthy process.

I didn’t do a pre-poo. Although I sorta knew I was going to wash my hair I went out earlier that morning, returning mid afternoon and didn’t have time to do a pre-poo.

To wash my hair I used Shea Moisture Curl & Shine Shampoo. I then proceeded to use my favorite conditioner, Herbal Essences Hello Hydration to detangle and deep condition my hair. After half hour I rinsed the conditioner and then lightly towel dry my hair.

As a leave in conditioner, I applied Parnevu Growth Creme, followed but my homemade infused shea butter. Using the Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray, I sprayed and massaged a generous amount to my tresses.

To make the process easier, I sectioned my hair in four and worked in small pieces. I blow dried my hair using medium heat with high volume.

I worked in four sections but using a Chi flat iron, I worked in even smaller sections to get a straighter look. I applied avocado oil to each section of hair after I flat ironed.

To set my hair for bed I wrapped and covered it with my satin du-rag.

The Process2

The next morning I undid the wrap but I wasn’t satisfied with the drop so I swooped my hair to the side and used the flat ironed to curl the front. And voila here it is.

The Look

My hair frizzed out during the course of the day and at the end of the day it was “Big Hair Don’t Care”.

What do you think? Do you like it? Hope you do. Leave your comments below. Chao!

FL before & After