2013 Blowout Comparison

I haven’t blogged about my hair in recent times but I do take pics from time to time. Below is a blowout comparison for the last six months. I missed a month – April. Didn’t capture a pic but that does not mean that I didn’t blow out my hair. Probably was busy or sleepy. X_X

2013 blowout comparison

Here’s the thing with blow drying – if you do it too often like I did, your hair will break eventually from the constant heat. To be very honest, I haven’t really taken great care of my hair over the last year as I did two years before. Why? I’ve been living life on the go! I know I need to slow down and I’m really trying to. I’ve lessened my activities for the rest of the year so hopefully that should help.

So here’s what happened. Because I was always busy during the day, I tend to wash my hair at night or on a Sabbath morning before church. Not wanting to sleep with wet hair and have a bad twist out the next day, most times I blow out my hair before twisting. I know, I know, I know I can diffuse my hair but “ain’t nobody got time fa dat”!

Blownout Twist

Though I always use heat protectant, I was blowing out my hair way to often so it still experienced some damage. In March photo above, I didn’t look too happy right? That’s because I started to experience some damage on the left side of my hair. You can see that it is much shorter than the right side. The price I pay for using the blow dryer every week!

It doesn’t seem like I’ve experienced much growth this year either, but I’ll attribute that to the constant heat application. So now instead of blowing out my hair every week, I’ll opt for once a month. That should help to reduce the damage. I also have some raggedy ends which I will also attribute to the heat but I’ll leave that for another post.

What I’ve learned thus far for the year is something I’ve known even before returning natural – less heat<more growth=healthier hair (in conjunction with other best practices).

How often do you use heat on your hair? Do you experience heat damage in any form?

Until next time – back away slowly from the blow dryer and happy growing!


2013 Hair Goals

2013 Hair Goals

For 2013, I’ve decided that hair goal setting will be done the SMART way (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound). This not only keep hair goals on track but will make the final analysis much easier. Sometimes we tend to set very abstract or vague goals and then don’t get expected results. SMART goals produce results, good or bad (which can always be altered). If you can’t measure it then you can’t manage it. This does not apply only to hair but to any aspect of your life.

So with that said here is a list of my 2013 Hair Goals

1.  Photolog my monthly progress

Every month and in between, I will take photos of my hair with certain styles and in certain positions in order to make a reasonable comparison.

2. Grow hair 6 inches

Hair grows an average of 1/2 inch per month. My aim is to meet or exceed that growth rate by incorporating a healthy diet, exercise, drinking adequate amounts of water each day and by taking hair vitamins. Growing hair is one thing. Retaining length is another thing which brings me to my next goal.

SMART-Goals3. Protective Styling

One way of fulfilling goal # 2 is by doing more protective styling and by ensuring that those ends are tucked away. We’ll see how this works out because I love to wear my hair our mainly because I don’t like any tension whatsoever in my scalp. This means that I will have to experiment more with hair styling. I’ll probably be plaiting or braiding my hair more for lower manipulation. This should be fun.

4. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize & more Moisturize

And by moisturizing I mean, more deep conditioning, using more cream based conditioners, spritzing more water and sealing it all in with an oil or butter of choice. This should happen about four times per week.

What are some of your hair goals for 2013?

My Go To Hairstyle and Makeup Look for the Week

This has been my go to look for the week. Literally. I’ve been feeling under the weather since Sunday (the flu trying to keep me down). As a result, I’ve worn my hair in a high bun (one of my favorite hairstyles) and l’ve done bare minimum with my makeup look. Sometimes less is definitely more. I love my eye shadows but I also loved the natural look this week. What do you think?


Face: Coastal Scents Camouflage Consealer, Fashion Fair ‘Pecan’ Oil Control Powder.
Eyebrows: Coastal Scents Brown Eyeshadow, Avon Mineral Eyeliner in Black (LOVE)
Lips: NYX ‘Hot Cocoa’ Lip Liner, NYX Natural Lip Gloss

First Day of Work Jan 2nd, 2013 – Two Strand Twist Out and Purple Haze Makeup


I started the new year with a hair bang. It was wash day on Jan 1 and then I did a blow out and two strand twisted my hair for work the next day. This was the awesome result. In addition to that I felt super sexy so I did my make up and called it purple haze. Check out the look below. Hope you like.




How Not to Stress Your Edges: 7 Tips to a Healthier Hairline

If you are struggling with thinning edges there’s help. But first we have to find the cause of the problem. Many times the culprit is how we handle our hair other times the issue can be health related such as alopecia. So here are a few tips to handling your edges correctly. The key is to always be gentle with your edges since that area is more fragile than any other.

Don’t Braid the Edges to Tight
When getting extensions hold down the roots in order to prevent your edges from coming out. This will help alleviate some of the tension on your roots.

Allow Some Time Between Braiding
If you love to braid your hair that’s fine (extensions or natural). Ensure that you’re not doing it back to back to back. Leave some time in between so that your hair can actually rest. Take this time to deep condition and treat your hair. Let your hair loose sometimes get to know your hair :).

Leave Your Edges Out
When getting extensions (weave or braids), leave a small amount of your edges out. You can always use a little bit of gel, hair polisher or a silk scarf to smooth it down.

Try Using Looser Headbands and Bonnets
Sometimes the headbands and bonnets that we use to accessorize may be too tight. It looks cute once the style is done but it’s not so cute when your hairline is gone. Opt for looser bands. And if you’re like me and can’t stand the tension this will also help to prevent headaches.

Try Not to Brush Edges Excessively
I’m guilty of this  sometimes. I love the sleek look of my edges whether or not my hair is in a ponytail. Try using a softer bristle brush or a silk or satin scarf to achieve this sleek look.

Stimulate the Scalp
Rejuvenate your hair follicles by stimulating blood circulation. This will help your edges to grow back. Gently massage the affected areas at least twice daily using the pad of your fingertips.

Incorporate Oils in your Hair Regimen
Oils such as Vitamin E, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Coconut just to name a few have tremendous benefits which aid in blood circulation resulting in hair growth. When massaging your hair line try using one of the oils listed above.

Remember hair does not grow overnight so you have to be patient and consistent with your routine. Try using some of these tips and you should be on your way to reviving or improving your edges.

Happy Growing!